Building a Forgiving Organisational Culture

Fourth Question Leaders Seek to Build a Forgiving Organisational Culture
Forgiving organisational culture is something Fourth Question Leaders strive for. It makes sense if you think about it. A Fourth Question Leader develops the leadership practise of asking what the motivation is behind decisions at every level of the organisation. The Fourth Question Leader is checking […]

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Forgiveness is an Essential Leadership Tool

Forgiving Leaders Build Positive Organisational Cultures 
You may have heard the expression “To Forgive is divine”. It relegates forgivenesses the place of a religious expression. Forgiveness is far more than a religious expression or experience. It is also a leadership tool used in positive organisational cultures. Forgiving leaders build positive organisational cultures and more effective and […]

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Harnessing Leadership Amplification Factor

The Leadership Amplification Factor can be Harnessed
Leadership amplification is when the comments of a leader are amplified and the actions of a leader are magnified, by nothing more than position. The leadership amplification factor is something I have found difficult to get used to. Because you are the leader the people in your team or […]

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Nocebo Effect: Leading towards Positive Outcomes

Leading Organisational Nocebo Effect
In a previous post we discussed the idea that some of the time poor mindset we tend to operate from is a product of the nocebo effect. The nocebo effect is the opposite of the placebo effect. While the placebo effect is when the suggestion of possible positive benefits results in positive […]

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Operating From a Time Poor Mindset

The Time Poor Mindset: Our Default Position
Leaders today often operate out of a time poor mindset. This has a detrimental impact on leadership effectiveness. By a time poor mindset I mean we have developed a default position that we are busy and we never have enough time to get everything done. At times, of course, […]

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Fourth Question Leaders Learn from Mistakes

Leaders learn from mistakes. I have given a lot of thought to the many mistakes I have made over the years. These have often resulted when I have to make a decision without the benefit of all the facts. For any other leader out there this should strike a chord, because most, if not all, […]

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Organisational Culture: Where do the Cows Walk?

Organisational Culture: Fourth Question Leaders Watch Where the Cows Walk?
Organisational culture is defined as ‘The way we do things around here’ (Deal and Kennedy, 1982 – buy a copy here). Some organisational cultures enhance positive work places and positive work outcomes. Others can be toxic both to the people in them and the business outcomes […]

Square Pegs in Square Holes: Proper People Placement:

I well remember the look of surprise on John’s face when I suggested to him he should try a different career. We had identified shortcomings in John’s performance which needed to be addressed. After a well organised and supportive number of weeks of mentoring, opportunities for reflection and exposure to good practice, it was fairly […]

Ego and the Power of the Leadership Tool – “Wheelbarrow”

Ego and the Power of the Leadership Tool – “Wheelbarrow”
“Wheelbarrow,” said my friend David as we were speaking to a group of CEOs from other organisations. None of the others present understood what he meant and, after a momentary flurry of surprised looks, the discussion continued. I don’t know if any of them noticed the […]

The “Mechanics” of Learning

We do not all learn in the same ways. When I bought my first car, a 1970 something Ford V8, I was determined to save money by doing the services myself. I bought a manual for the model and set about maintaining the vehicle. In hindsight, it would have made a hilarious set of videos […]