Fourth Question Leaders Learn from Mistakes

Leaders learn from mistakes. I have given a lot of thought to the many mistakes I have made over the years. These have often resulted when I have to make a decision without the benefit of all the facts. For any other leader out there this should strike a chord, because most, if not all, […]

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Square Pegs in Square Holes: Proper People Placement:

I well remember the look of surprise on John’s face when I suggested to him he should try a different career. We had identified shortcomings in John’s performance which needed to be addressed. After a well organised and supportive number of weeks of mentoring, opportunities for reflection and exposure to good practice, it was fairly […]

Ego and the Power of the Leadership Tool – “Wheelbarrow”

Ego and the Power of the Leadership Tool – “Wheelbarrow”
“Wheelbarrow,” said my friend David as we were speaking to a group of CEOs from other organisations. None of the others present understood what he meant and, after a momentary flurry of surprised looks, the discussion continued. I don’t know if any of them noticed the […]

Resilience: Fourth Question Leaders Should Bounce Well.

It always surprises me when small problems seem to stop me in my tracks – when my response to a minor issue is more worry, stress, anxiety, or drop in enthusiasm and motivation than it really deserves. It might be a client complaint, the realization that a team member is not following through on something, or […]

Don’t Judge a Zebra by its Stripes

Leaders need to make themselves aware of filtered assumptions which may “colour” the way they see and evaluate people.

Within the first half an hour of birth a zebra has memorised its mother’s unique pattern of stripes. This is called imprinting and is an essential survival mechanism in a herd of animals whose stripes otherwise present […]