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Immutable Principles: A Great Starting Point

Immutable Principles – What would you die in the trenches for?

Immutable principles are a small set of non-negotiable values. These non-negotiable values create a picture of operational behaviours which can significantly contribute to the development of the kind of culture you want in your organisation. If you have been reading the posts in this blog […]

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Dealing with Misaligned Values

Misaligned values can lead to serious cracks in leadership
– in the same way poor subsoil underneath a road can lead to cracks in the surface. We all have values which are more aspirational than operational in our lives. These misaligned values are problematic for leaders who seek to project their personal values as examples for those who […]

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Going Beyond Aspirational Values. If you can’t see it, you can’t shoot it!

Going Beyond Aspirational Values

If we are really honest with ourselves, most of us will admit our values are often more statements of the principles we want to guide our lives than they are a framework for our leadership behaviours and decisions. At times, they are aspirational values as opposed to operational values. What? You disagree? […]

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Organisational Culture: Where do the Cows Walk?

Organisational Culture: Fourth Question Leaders Watch Where the Cows Walk?
Organisational culture is defined as ‘The way we do things around here’ (Deal and Kennedy, 1982 – buy a copy here). Some organisational cultures enhance positive work places and positive work outcomes. Others can be toxic both to the people in them and the business outcomes […]

Resilience: Fourth Question Leaders Should Bounce Well.

It always surprises me when small problems seem to stop me in my tracks – when my response to a minor issue is more worry, stress, anxiety, or drop in enthusiasm and motivation than it really deserves. It might be a client complaint, the realization that a team member is not following through on something, or […]

The “Mechanics” of Learning

We do not all learn in the same ways. When I bought my first car, a 1970 something Ford V8, I was determined to save money by doing the services myself. I bought a manual for the model and set about maintaining the vehicle. In hindsight, it would have made a hilarious set of videos […]

Leaders Who Care Ask “Why?”

Fourth Question Leaders Ask “Why”Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

If you ask why people work where they do, what they are looking for in an employer or leader, they always include a response that they want to feel valued and cared for. We know that financial rewards are a part […]

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You learn nothing from experience.

Wow! What a provocative statement. We are taught to value experience. Anyone applying for a job knows that being able to show you have had experience in a role is a huge advantage. The problem with experience is that not all experience results in learning and change. This, of course, applies to leadership experience.

Have you […]

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