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I have been an educator since 1982 and after 33 years as Principal of Mackay Christian College (since its inception in 1984) I am Dean of Education, Humanities and Business at Christian Heritage College, Brisbane. My tertiary study has been focussed on leadership and organisational culture. My Doctoral studies were in the development of values in adolescents. I am passionate about helping others be the very best they can be and I believe it is by doing this that I can be my best self. I am a committed Christian who sees his work place as a place of calling and his career as a ministry.

The key role of a Fourth Question Leader

Many would have us believe that corporate vision is the key role of a leader. I agree it is of critical importance but Fourth Question Leaders need to do more with vision. As with every part of a Fourth Question leadership approach, vision can serve the interests of the people you lead as much as, […]

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You learn nothing from experience.

Wow! What a provocative statement. We are taught to value experience. Anyone applying for a job knows that being able to show you have had experience in a role is a huge advantage. The problem with experience is that not all experience results in learning and change. This, of course, applies to leadership experience.

Have you […]

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