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I have been an educator since 1982 and after 33 years as Principal of Mackay Christian College (since its inception in 1984) I am Dean of Education, Humanities and Business at Christian Heritage College, Brisbane. My tertiary study has been focussed on leadership and organisational culture. My Doctoral studies were in the development of values in adolescents. I am passionate about helping others be the very best they can be and I believe it is by doing this that I can be my best self. I am a committed Christian who sees his work place as a place of calling and his career as a ministry.

Fourth Question Leaders Understand – The Heart Matters.

The Heart Matters
In the end, whether a leader couches self-examination in terms of motivation, commitment or heart – is far less important than developing the habit of interrogating the basis of decisions and behaviours continuously. For me it is a heart issue.

In my last post, “The Problem with the Concept of Motivation”, my theme was […]

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The Problem With the Concept of Motivation: Motivation Versus Heart

Heart Leadership: Fourth Question Leaders Lead From the Heart.
The word ‘motivation’ in the discourse of leadership does not really express what is intended by the Fourth Question. The core principle of Fourth Question Leadership is – it is only when the motivations behind your leadership decisions are selfless, completely other focused, that care is enacted […]

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Helping People Discover their Calling – The task of Fourth Question Leaders

Fourth Question Leaders Help People Discover Calling.
I have been travelling with a friend who is a leader of the Foundation for Cross Cultural Education. He spends his life helping people discover calling. It is a Christian organisation which seeks to provide training and education in remote, poor communities in Africa. Their motivation is to […]

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Job, Career or Calling: Which do you Lead?

Job, career, or calling? Each represents a mindset – an orientation to the daily tasks of the workplace. As a leader you have a significant impact on whether the people in your team or organisation will see their employment as a job, a career, or a calling.

Not long ago I was privileged to be asked […]

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Casting The Unforgiveness Shadow

Unforgiveness is a selfish leadership choice
Every leader casts a shadow. Some leaders make deliberate choices which carefully shape the shadow they cast. Others just cast one. It was Larry Senn who first used the phrase “The Shadow of a Leader” in an unpublished 1970 doctoral thesis (find books by Larry Senn here). “The Shadow of […]

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Building a Forgiving Organisational Culture

Fourth Question Leaders Seek to Build a Forgiving Organisational Culture
Forgiving organisational culture is something Fourth Question Leaders strive for. It makes sense if you think about it. A Fourth Question Leader develops the leadership practise of asking what the motivation is behind decisions at every level of the organisation. The Fourth Question Leader is checking […]

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Forgiveness is an Essential Leadership Tool

Forgiving Leaders Build Positive Organisational Cultures 
You may have heard the expression “To Forgive is divine”. It relegates forgivenesses the place of a religious expression. Forgiveness is far more than a religious expression or experience. It is also a leadership tool used in positive organisational cultures. Forgiving leaders build positive organisational cultures and more effective and […]

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Harnessing Leadership Amplification Factor

The Leadership Amplification Factor can be Harnessed
Leadership amplification is when the comments of a leader are amplified and the actions of a leader are magnified, by nothing more than position. The leadership amplification factor is something I have found difficult to get used to. Because you are the leader the people in your team or […]

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Nocebo Effect: Leading towards Positive Outcomes

Leading Organisational Nocebo Effect
In a previous post we discussed the idea that some of the time poor mindset we tend to operate from is a product of the nocebo effect. The nocebo effect is the opposite of the placebo effect. While the placebo effect is when the suggestion of possible positive benefits results in positive […]

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Operating From a Time Poor Mindset

The Time Poor Mindset: Our Default Position
Leaders today often operate out of a time poor mindset. This has a detrimental impact on leadership effectiveness. By a time poor mindset I mean we have developed a default position that we are busy and we never have enough time to get everything done. At times, of course, […]

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